OPP Cancels Towing and Impoundment Contract RFP

ORILLIA, ON, May 16, 2012 /CNW/ – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) announced today that it is cancelling the Request for Proposals (RFP) it issued in 2011 to secure Ontario Impound Facility Operators (IFC). The RFP would have established IFCs to provide towing and impoundment services for legislatively authorized tow and impoundment authorities.

Since the RFP (OPP-0460 RFP Motor Vehicle Impound Facilities And Related Services) was posted to MERX on May 17, 2011, the OPP has deemed it necessary to cancel the RFP and reissue a new one that better meets the OPP’s need.

Under amendments to the Highway Traffic Act enacted through Bill 126, vehicle/tow impoundment responsibilities for 45, 90 and 180-day vehicle impoundments have been transferred to police services and become part of other legislative seizures and tows currently under OPP authority.

These are:

  • The seven-day impoundment program for street racing;
  • The seven-day impoundment for drivers suspended under the HTA (excluding suspensions for defaulted fines and medical reasons);
  • The seven-day impoundment for drivers with a BAC over 80 mg. or fail/refuse to comply with the demand of a police officer (e.g. for a breath sample);
  • The seven-day impoundment for drivers caught driving without a required ignition interlock device.

The OPP is notifying all proponents who responded to the RFP and has commenced preparation of a modified RFP which it expects to reissue in the fall.  Stakeholders will be notified as soon as the new RFP date has been confirmed.