The unique story of a Cat 631 No. 114, Similkimeen Mine

a heavy recovery of a new Cat 631 scaper that got swallowed up by a muddy tailings pond burried in 80 feet in mud and silt. Lots of big Cats and holmes 750 wreckers recovered the unit with help from a very brave set of divers. Filmed in Princeton, BC Canada, about September 1969. Many people said it couldn’t be done, and just bury the machine, but then someone suggested calling Quirings from Aldergrove and the rest is history! My grampa gave me this film and a few others just three short months before he passed on. The mine budgeted 14 days as the break even point of “recover it or bury it” on the morning of the 12th day #114 returned from it’s watery grave.